Success Stories With Our Training Delivery

We believe training can be transformed from a simple must do into an invaluable career building tour that is more dynamic and versatile than you had ever imagined.

Please take a moment to review the following case studies from our portfolio.

Project Spotlight

National RTAP – Active Shooter Preparedness Training

Discover how this custom training solution addresses RTAP personnel’s unique needs, offering guidance on prevention, intervention, mitigation, response, and recovery.

National RTAP – Emergency Procedures Training

See how National RTAP converted workshop training to online learning for critical emergency procedures training.

Sunovion – Nurse Practitioner & Physician Assistant Training

Learn how Sunovion helped boost sales effectiveness by providing training on the unique roles of NP’s and PA’s.

Novo Nordisk – Sales Training Game

Watch to see how Novo utilized team based gaming to teach complex concepts and generate enthusiasm.

Life Sciences Industry – Patient Journey for COPD

Watch how learning from the patient’s perspective helps to bring insight and empathy.