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The Challenge

Novo Nordisk was launching a new product and was looking for a creative way to provide technical training to their sales representatives. The training needed to convey the necessary technical information while generating excitement, enthusiasm, and team spirit for the new launch.

Our Solution

In order to address Novo’s objectives Skye developed a training adventure game called the “Glycemic Control Project”. This highly interactive 3D training game allowed teams of learners to travel through a virtual abandoned research facility to try and locate a key scientist who has gone missing. Along the way, the learner located objects and answered questions both individually and as part of a team to gain valuable clues to the scientist’s location. Since the training was part of a week-long sales training trip where teams competed, the results were stored on a leader board in real time. Points were awarded based on performance and the top scoring teams were recognized at the end of the event.

View a brief preview of the Glycemic Control training game.

The Results

Because the content was very technical, having users learn via an interactive game allowed for higher retention and less fatigue. By playing in teams, camaraderie increased as peers worked together to solve issues and get results. Finally, since all data was tracked, Novo was able to analyze results for potential knowledge gaps.