Adaptive Learning

The Adaptive Learning Promise

Adaptive learning helps your learners experience the most effective approach to identifying and closing their knowledge and skills gaps based on their current roles or future aspirations.

What Is Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive learning is the integrated use of data, technology and content to provide the most effective and time-efficient pathways to mastery. Adaptive learning improves competitiveness, productivity and other business-based outcomes. Organizations that adopt AI-based adaptive learning programs gain significant advantages:

  • Boost knowledge retention and build confidence
  • Improve employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduce training time – and the time off the job

Content is Still the Heart of Learning

Technology and data have helped us take adaptive learning systems to whole new levels, but it is important to remember that content is still the heart of learning. In order to take advantage of an adaptive learning system, content must be broken down from performance goals to microlearning sections to learning objectives and then into just a few pieces of learning content. Those modules must then be organized and scaffolded with other modules and supported with assessments that define the unique path for each individual. This makes instructional design expertise invaluable to achieving your performance objectives.

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Personalized Learning

Microlearning & Rich Visuals

Microlearning makes learning interactive, entertaining, and easily digestible—that remains foundational to adaptive learning. Making sure each microlearning section presents content in multiple formats allows for progress through the course to be “learner directed”. Studies show that giving learners some degree of control over their learning will increase engagement and retention. Content may be provided as text, visualizations (eBooks, infographics, etc.) and video content (animations, motion graphics, on-screen hosts, etc.). Variety on its own is not useful, however. It is just as important to know when and why to use different multimedia elements in adaptive learning programs.

AI Powered Learning

An adaptive learning platform collects data as learners advance through modules. This data is then used to provide individuals with an optimal learning path for each employee. Training managers can then use stored data to determine the effectiveness of the training, of a module, or even of an individual piece of content and change courses on the fly to better meet the needs of employees. Data is also available to business leadership so that they can assess team or individual skills gaps and proactively address those needs.

Skye has partnered with Fulcrum Labs, a 16-time Brandon Hall Excellence Awards winning AI-powered learning platform with a built-in data science team. With this winning combination of content expertise and an advanced AI-based platform, results exhibited by clients include a 25% increase in confidence as well as a 55% or more reduction of time in training.

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Learning Strategies

Choosing the right training approach is an important step to reaching your learning objectives. Explore each of the delivery options below to learn more.



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