Technology and Software

Application Training

Or software application training helps the user of the software feel more confident, be more productive, and it increases employee and customer satisfaction. The better the training the better your results.

Making Continual Learning Accessible and Impactful

In the technology and software space, new product releases are the norm. Sellers and marketers have a continuous need to learn about new functionality – and how it addresses the customer’s needs. Employee growth can be rapid and the need to ramp them up quickly is key to their and your success. With applications gathering more and more customer data, privacy and other compliance training needs to effectively deliver the right behaviors.

Approaches to learning; like microlearning, gamification, performance support, and blended learning are proven to increase engagement and retention, keeping your team ahead in this competitive industry.

Talk to us about how we can help you win in this competitive landscape by concentrating on excellence in customer service, brand principles and digitization; improve sales confidence and competence with “just-in-time” performance support or keep your organization on the straight and narrow with bite-sized compliance training.

Challenges We Solve: