Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement Drives Peak Performance and Brand Loyalty

Successful sales training provides the information and tools needed to effectively sell. The training helps clearly define your value proposition, customers, competition and the market they are working in. Sales communication strategies along with optimizing the use of technology like CRMs and understanding the buyer journey are all vital for a strong sales enablement training program.

Our training is typically highly interactive and uses case studies and scenario based role-playing exercises to allow learners to practice within their real-world environments. Additionally, the content may be structured into microlearning modules that provide valuable performance support tools that are available at any time.

Sales Enablement Training
Sales Enablement eLearning

Skye Can Help you:

  • Analyze current training programs to identify ways to speed time to competency, increase retention, and boost engagement more efficiently.
  • Design a solution that connects desired behavior to goals in a way that motivates each member of the sales team to employ winning strategies and habits.
  • Determine which technologies and training methodologies are right for your unique situation.
  • Develop content that instills values, motivates employees to meet the highest standards, and provides valuable feedback that enables continuous improvement.

Learning Strategies

Choosing the right training approach is an important step to reaching your learning objectives. Explore each of the delivery options below to learn more.



Blended Learning


Performance Support

Video & Animation