Performance Support

Helping in the Moment of Need

Imagine going for training on a new product your company is going to launch. A month later when the product ships you begin having your first conversations about it. According to research, you’ve forgotten 70% of the content within 48 hours of your training –and 90% within a week.
If you are responsible for organizational learning, the question becomes, which 90% are you okay with them forgetting?

If the answer isn’t acceptable, then training alone isn’t enough to support your organizations learning needs. You need convenient, relevant and user-friendly information to complement and reinforce training. We call this performance support –and these “just-in-time” learning aids can take many forms:

  • MicroLearning on mobile devices
  • Interactive quick reference guides
  • Library of video training

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Whichever approach is best for your learners, you can be assured that it will be convenient, relevant and user-friendly.