Custom Training Solutions

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It’s About Getting it Exactly Right

You have an idea of what you and your learners need, but you aren’t quite sure about how to get there. That’s where Skye comes in. You bring an understanding of your objectives and audience, and we’ll apply our 20+ years of experience in custom learning to the task. We’ll design a program that delivers relevant information, using just the right format, to achieve your unique goals. Our personal goal is for you to have satisfied employees that retain information and use it on the job.

Custom Training Solutions are all about engaging with your students. Right now, we face an unprecedented change in the training community. Due to the challenges of COVID-19, we are seeing more clients who now need to train remotely than ever before. Gone are the heavily in-person facilitated training programs.

This puts a burden on you’re the corporate or professional trainer. It makes what you do more complicated and demanding than ever.

What we do is address that program for you by offering a complete solution. Our custom training solutions provide the expertise and talent you need to create great interactive training programs. We design these custom training programs built for your content by us.

You will not have to spend hours working with your team to create and review training elements. Once your initial training program is created to your specifications, we also provide additional immersive content and tools to increase your remote learner’s engagement.

This means that you get the feedback you need through testing, quizzes, and other tools to assure that each learner has mastered the material. Do not forget this verification process with your training to assure that your remote learners are mastering your content. Without it distracted staff, and students can just skip through content, and not master the information.

What you want is to have great content that teaches and informs. Then you need your program to include mastery verification. We handle this for you from concept to working training programs.

Areas of Custom Work:

  • Legal and Ethics
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Systems Training
  • Business Processes
  • Communications
  • And more…

Our eLearning solutions typically incorporate effective storytelling and scenario-based examples for real-world understanding. We draw on modern learning mechanisms.

The Skye team is the most professional and service oriented organization I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my 25 years in the pharma industry.

Bob McBride

Associate Director, Commercial Training & Development