Pre-event, On-site, Post-event Training

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PLUS is a tightly integrated set of tools to help you prepare your team prior to your training event, provide fun and competitive activities during the event, and offer effective follow-up after the event.

Before the Event – Use QuickStudy to bring everyone up to speed on the focus of your event. Then, improve performance using iReflect, a web-based system for role-play practice and manager coaching.

During the Event – Use RPC to assess your team’s performance and the effectiveness of your pre-work training. Compete for bragging rights with TimeTrial while monitoring the action via Scoreboard.

After the Event – Deliver follow-up training via iReflect. Check the performance of individuals and groups, identify areas needing reinforcement using ResultsPLUS.

Combine your content, images, video clips and voice over into a full-fledged eLearning course ideal for pre-work ahead of your event.

A unique web based role-play system that provides individualized practice, self-assessment and management coaching. The result is true skill development – effectively translating knowledge into behavior.

Gauge your team’s performance in simulated sales situations. It allows multiple assessors to score team members role-play performance using objective criteria.

A training event quiz activity that provides reinforcement of material, fun gameplay and healthy competition. TimeTrial bundles learning reinforcement with time-based challenges to provide a fast-paced, fun activity for your event. TimeTrial uses standalone kiosks, which can be grouped together to provide an arcade-like atmosphere, or it can be delivered on-line to individual laptops.

A customizable leaderboard that displays consolidated results from all PLUS activities in real-time. Scoreboard can be displayed on a dedicated monitor, or as a screensaver on TimeTrial kiosks. And results can be individual, or grouped by sales regions or teams.

View comprehensive results of both individual and team performances compiled from PLUS components. This information is immensely valuable when assessing individual and team performance, and also allows you to identify need areas for future training initiatives.